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Plant-based, milk-alike Belgian chocolate
The chocolate experts at Belcolade have “solved the puzzle” of milk-alike plant-based chocolate. This is the industry’s first chocolate that offers an indulgent taste profile and mouthfeel similar to milk chocolate while being both dairy-free and nut-free, according to Belcolade, the flagship chocolate brand from Puratos. A patent-pending product, it achieves superb smoothness, the creaminess of a milk chocolate, and balanced sweetness, all without common allergens.
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Protein granules and flakes
The Finnish food tech company Gold&Green Foods is expanding beyond the meat replacement category with the launch of Gold&Green Protein Granules and Protein Flakes—two new clean-label, plant-based protein formats to help manufacturers meet the growing demand for plant-based foods. Gold&Green Protein Granules and Protein Flakes are made from three naturally nutritious ingredients: oat bran, pea, and fava bean protein. There are no genetically manipulated ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, no salt, no oil, and no soy.

Gold&Green Foods

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Nutraceutical Mushroom Powders
Monterey Mushrooms has launched a new product line consisting of organic full spectrum and Mycelium Plus mushroom powders for use as ingredients by food and supplement manufacturers. This nutraceutical product line is an extension of their all-natural Just Mushrooms Vitamin D2 powder line, which it has been producing for over 10 years. The Monterey team’s extensive scientific knowledge and technical production expertise were fully utilized in developing this product line.

Monterey Mushrooms

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Sweetness modifiers
Icon Foods has tapped into two natural extracts, CitruSweet and ThauSweet, that offer the latest advances in the alternative-sweetener arena. CitruSweet and ThauSweet boost the capabilities of such substitutes as stevia and monk fruit to create a lingering sweet effect that doesn’t require the use of maskers, which can also cover up desired tastes. Even better, CitruSweet and ThauSweet are naturally produced, so they fit into any clean-label strategy.

Icon Foods

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Low-glycemic tagatose
Bonumose, Inc. has announced the achievement of regulatory and food application milestones in the United States and Canada for the low-glycemic, rare sugar tagatose, as the company progresses on time and on schedule for the opening of its first commercial production facility in Spring 2022. Tagatose is 92 percent as sweet as sugar, maintains a clean, no-aftertaste flavor profile as well as provides critical functionality such as bulking, mouthfeel, caramelization, freezing-point depression, and low hygroscopicity.

Bonumose, Inc.

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Clean-label food-grade whitening agents
Following food authority EFSA’s ban of food additive titanium dioxide (TiO2), Blue California, the producer of natural science-based ingredients, launched novel food-grade whitening agents as a clean-label alternative to replacing potential health risk white colorant titanium dioxide.

Blue California

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