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Ardent Mills

Keto/low-carb flour blend
Ardent Mills has launched a Keto Certified Net Carb Flour Blend, the industry’s first major net carb flour blend for keto and low-net-carb baked applications. The innovative formulation can be used as a replacement for conventional flour without compromising taste, texture, or functionality. The Net Carb Flour Blend is nut-free and contains gluten, which allows customers to run on their current equipment without any changes. It is available in white (all-purpose) and specialized flour blends for a broad range of bread and baked-good applications. Recently keto certified by the Paleo Foundation, the blend is also non-GMO, dairy-free, vegan, has no-added sugar, and is a great source of fiber. 800-851-9618
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Indulgent ingredients
Puratos recently announced RE-invent Indulgence, its approach for sweet goods focused on Real ingredients, Responsible choices, and Re-imagined textures. To support this ambition, Puratos has rolled out a range of products that challenge traditional notions of indulgence: real, clean label Topfil fruit fillings, a new Belcolade Sugar-Reduced Chocolate, a brand-new line of plant-based cake and brownie mixes and an innovative texture collection featuring Steamed Cake Donuts. 856-428-4300


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High-intensity sweetener blends for sugar replacement
Batory Foods has introduced Batory Sweet Essentials, a new line-up of five scientifically developed high-intensity sweetener blends that are sucrose replacers, created for optimum performance in sugar reduction and replacement. The interchangeable line of sweeteners eliminates the need for manufacturers to reformulate recipes to offer lower sugar alternatives. Batory Sweet Essentials meet FDA GRAS regulations and are ideal for use across virtually all dairy, frozen, snack, baked, and beverage applications. 847-299-1999

Batory Foods

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Healthier cake sprinkles range
Ultimate Baker has released a new line of all-natural colored sprinkles. Available now, the new line is colored with real fruit and vegetable-based colorants, certified kosher and comes in a range of vibrant colors and shapes including stars, bones, clouds, unicorns and more. Ultimate Baker sprinkles are available in various size packages, from 6oz gift bottles through to 5lb bags. Custom blends, wholesale and bulk are also available for commercial accounts. 360-922-6901

Ultimate Baker

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Natural plant-based specialty lecithins
AAK now offers a line of natural plant-based specialty lecithin emulsifier solutions that help improve nutrition, functionality, and processing of a wide variety of food and beverages. Akolec is AAK’s new specialty lecithin line, with all products sourced from sunflower oil and soybean oil. AAK lecithin helps manufacturers create healthier products with clean labels that consumers seek, offering a variety of grades from organic, non-GMO and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tested options. AAK’s lecithin ingredients are available in liquid, powder, and fractionated forms, with options to create tailor-made solutions. 973-344-1300


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Coconut flower sugar ingredients
HERZA Schokolade has released a new “Inspired by nature” organic product line. The chocolate pieces in eight flavor compositions show how varied the combination of chocolate and coconut flower sugar can be. The product line focuses on chocolate pieces with very diverse fruit components, like creamy milk chocolate with banana flakes that give a crunch effect in the mouth. The dark chocolate leaves with sour cherry powder are an unusual combination, with the powder giving the full-flavored chocolate a tart fruity note. +49 (0) 40 - 500 176-0

HERZA Schokolade