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Grote Co.

Grote Co., an industrial food slicing and assembly equipment manufacturer, has released a new version of its Slicer/Applicator. The new design emphasizes sanitary design, easier and repeatable set-up, and a reduced total cost of ownership. The Slicer/Applicator slices and applies a wide range of food products directly onto processing lines with precise targeting. It is used in the production of well-known products around the world such as: jerky, sandwiches, bread snacks, and frozen and to-go meals. 614-868-8414
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Wrap-around packaging platform
Sidel has launched a new Cermex WB47 case packer, expanding its WB wrap-around range to handle not only the wrap-around blank family, but also American cases (RSC and HSC). Additionally, the upgraded WB platform ensures enhanced flexibility with shorter changeover times. +33 388 183 888
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Bulk bag filling system
A stainless steel surge hopper allows for material to collect and flow uniformly through a metal detector, ensuring a contaminant free bulk bag filling process, in this new filling system from Material Transfer. Unit features sanitary stainless steel product contact surfaces and is painted using a finishing system designed for use in Food and Beverage processing and is FDA/USDA approved for areas of direct and indirect dry food contact. High output filling system features an exclusive rotating bag support carriage for maximum filling efficiency and reduced operator fatigue. The bag support carriage and fill head lower to a programmed operator height, then rotates for “reach-free” bag strap connection. 269-673-2125

Material Transfer

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Rotary pouch packer
Junapack’s JG-8S0815 model is a rotary pouch packer designed to fill and seal pre-made side gusset pouches for products such as coffee, flour, snacks and other products. Features include a unique pouch loading and pouch gripper design, and an easy to clean stainless steel frame. Due to its captured cam design (no springs) and a patented feature in its pouch feed system, it requires low maintenance and achieves speeds up to 40 pouches per minute, depending on application. Pouch size changeover is typically a quick 5–10 minute operation. The machine can handle a wide range of pouch sizes from 3.15–5.91 inches wide and up to 15.75 inches tall. 920-983-7323


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Rotary continuous mixer for bulk material in high volumes
A new sanitary Model RCM-60X20-SS Rotary Continuous Mixer from Munson Machinery blends primary bulk ingredients, minor ingredients and/or liquid additions uniformly in one to two minutes residence time (typical), at low cost per volume of material blended. Unlike mixers that force agitators through stationary material, the Rotary Continuous Mixer design employs a 20 ft (6.1 m) long by 60 in. (152.4 cm) diameter rotating cylinder with internal mixing flights that impart a gentle tumbling action, distributing particles with each degree of drum rotation with no shear or heat generation, eliminating or minimizing degradation. 800-944-6644

Munson Machinery

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Triple shaft mixers for hygienic processes
Featuring electropolished and passivated product contact surfaces, the VersaMix is designed for full vacuum operation as well as internal pressure up to 5 psig to accommodate nitrogen blanketing. This Charles Ross & Son Company model has an ASME-stamped mixing vessel supplied with a matching platen-style discharge system. CE-marked motors and ATEX-rated operator panels are suitable for use in a Zone 1 classified area. These features are available across the entire suite of VersaMix sizes ranging from 1 to 500 gallons. Larger models in a fixed-tank configuration are available as well. 631-234-0500